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Enforcing their IP rights has enabled our client to expand its business in the UK

Advising on UK patent infringement litigation

Our client, a US-based consumer goods manufacturer, wanted to take action against a UK-based competitor who our client believed was infringing one of their UK patents. This followed on from our client’s successful patent infringement litigation in the UK against another competitor in 2012/13.

We initially engaged with the business via its US attorneys with whom we have a long standing relationship.

In both matters, we advised our client in relation to their UK Patent Court litigation against the competitor. We provided technical expertise to assess prior art, invalidity options and defence, and our work is instrumental for the client maintaining a robust defence of its patent.

The current litigation is still ongoing, but taking action against competitors and enforcing their intellectual property rights has enabled our client to massively expand its business in the UK and increase its share of the market.

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