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UK Sponsor Licence for a multinational

A client based in Asia (Client B) is the Managing Director of a Thailand-based holding company with an annual revenue of £370 million. He applied to enter and remain in the UK in order to set up a subsidiary to establish their chain of restaurants.

The client approached us with the intention of applying for a Sponsorship Licence for the UK company. The objective of this was to transfer some of their key staff in Thailand to the UK.

The client’s instructions changed when his application to extend his Tier 1 Entrepreneur visa (he had used another law firm) was refused by the Home Office.

We were able to turn this around to not only regularise his stay but also help get his staff to the UK. Had we not stepped in, he would have had to leave the country and close his business. Not only would this have lost the client millions, this would have also led to the redundancy of over 50 employees.

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10 April 2014
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