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Following brand creation and positioning for Drinks Meter we were appointed to design, build and launch an app for the brand. The principle value behind Drinks Meter is a transparent, anonymous and open approach to feedback. The product’s sole aim is to empower people to gain awareness and monitor their alcohol use. We built a user-focussed digital product through a single, responsive codebase which users feel engaged to return to. We wanted to adopt a stylistic approach that emulated the clean, functional aspect of using Drinks Meter, but also provide a distinctively data-centric personality to the overall brand. Illustration played a pivotal role both within the product and also within brand activation.

Since launch, Drinks Meter has been independently tested by health research analysts and awarded highest praise across an eSBI app review. It has helped over 50k users from over 170 countries. Studiomade are now working with the Australian government to customise the tool.

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03 March 2010
Healthcare and medical
It’s relevant, attractive, easy to use and provides useful feedback. In other words, it’s a great tool.
Professor Paul Wallace Professor of Primary Health Care University College London