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Martel Instruments — an established specialist printer company — commissioned Concision to redefine their message and communicate it to their target international markets. Martel’s particular challenge was describing and defining their new product.

When redefining a company’s message, we look at the big picture. We toured the offices and factory, chatted with staff, and arranged a day of interviews with different departments. We wanted to understand the heartbeat of Martel, so we spoke with the team — from design to marketing, from manufacture to business development — not leaving out management. At the same time, we reviewed other material Martel provided, and arranged an internal brainstorming meeting. From that we developed a new message that we incorporated in banners and brochures that we designed for a major international conference.

In just one day at the conference, Martel saw an immediate, significant increase in engagement with potential customers.

Brochures with new message

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28 May 2015
Electronics and IT hardware
It’s always been difficult finding someone who could understand what we do and communicate it clearly. ...Concision understood straight away what VIDA was about, and how to communicate its benefits successfully.
J. Hockaday Commercial manager Martel Instruments