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Sustainable Energy Group expand into Europe

The accounting practice introduced our London team as people they trusted to provide professional advice at a more cost-effective level than they could do themselves and where the personal relationships would be essential to the success of the project. We were able to work with them to facilitate opening a UK bank account providing an interim banking solution ourselves until it was fully operational. After registering a UK branch and operating a payroll for six months, the decision was made to commit to the UK market and move to a full UK subsidiary. We were engaged to transition the branch operation to the UK limited company, to continue to operate the now expanding payroll, and to take on the financial outsourcing, VAT and accounting work. The UK is still a comparatively small part of their worldwide operations though numbers have increased ten-fold here, but this means they rely on ZEDRA as their outsourced finance and HR function.

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"We have been so impressed with the services provided that we’ve used ZEDRA in London to lead our expansion into Asia; ZEDRA don’t have their own offices there but do have great relationships with a partner firm they trust. ZEDRA has been invaluable to us."