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North American VC-backed SaaS Company

The UK subsidiary was to be their first overseas expansion and a stepping stone to accessing markets across Europe and beyond. We’re always happy to attend initial meetings and calls without charge to see if we’re in a position to offer assistance and this was no exception, coordinating with our US and London offices. In this particular case, a London based law firm were engaged to incorporate three UK limited companies, while we assisted with their payroll requirements (including HR, benefits and pension), financial outsourcing, banking, VAT and corporation tax, and ultimately accounts preparation and audit work. Four years on, they are still an active full-service client, now with 25 UK based employees. ZEDRA is currently involved in helping them to employ people in 13 more countries and we have also taken over company secretarial support for the UK entities.

Company details

Software and computer services
“We leveraged ZEDRA's experience of working with international companies and their wide range of services to get us set up as quickly as possible in the UK. They're now helping us expand further afield, they've been great.”