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US tech company Glassdoor's expansion into Europe

The first phase meant taking Glassdoor through all the necessary steps to establish their UK base. This involved advising on how best to set up in the UK taking into account planned activities and associated corporate tax issues. After incorporating their first international subsidiary we completed the necessary registrations in relation to payroll, tax and company filings, and continue to provide registered office services.

Glassdoor then worked with Abbiss Cadres to handle all the employment and immigration issues associated with moving a number of team members over to the UK to help grow the business, from advising on appropriate expatriate pay and benefit policies to helping Glassdoor move their employees’ belongings over, and find them accommodation and cars. We obtained a sponsorship licence and visas, advised on expatriate tax and social security compliance and all required employment documentation, as well as the roll out of the Glassdoor stock option programme.

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20 August 2008
Business and consumer services
By working with Abbiss Cadres, we gained access to a multi-disciplinary team who have proven they’re highly engaged and ready to lend a hand with sensible, practical, cost-effective advice. Together, we were able to develop and deliver a thoughtful people strategy that helped us to effectively establish our business in the UK.
Brad Serwin General Counsel Glassdoor Inc.