Abeceder helps international financial services company set-up office and employ staff in the City of London

Launching a Financial Services Company in London

To comply with UK employment law, we created a completely different set of terms and conditions of employment and remuneration strategy to those used elsewhere by the Client.

• Ensured compatibility with UK legislation, and trained US expatriates and USA based staff
• Revised the HR sections of business plan incorporating pay and pensions legislation.
• Managed recruitment and selection of UK workforce and the transfer of US expatriate employees to the UK.
• Conducted the HR due diligence for the acquisition of UK based company
• Managed the TUPE transfer of employees from the acquired company into the Client
• Management of office location search and fit out

After the initial stages of the launch in the UK the company grew rapidly through recruitment of employees and acquisition of another company. Within a year the Client had over 100 employees.
Within 18 months of launching in the UK the USA based parent company was purchased by a competitor.

Company details

19 August 2003
Electronics and IT hardware