Clients arrive at Heathrow on the way to becoming employers in the United Kingdom with support from Abeceder

USA based IT company becomes UK employer

•Contributed a manpower plan, including recruitment to the business plan for the launch.
•Managed recruitment and selection and all other HR processes.
•Explained the differences between USA and UK employment models to US based managers and HR professionals
•Educated UK based recruits in culture of USA company
•Ensured that HR policies and procedures including reward where competitive in the UK but also aligned with those of the USA company.
•Identified available employment and training grants and managed the application processes, resulting in grants for recruiting graduates and providing training in management skills.
•Provided information and action plans for HR aspects of expansion into Europe, the Middle East and Asia from a UK base, including employment legislation:
•Managed the recruitment and selection process for a UK based HR manager.

Company details

19 August 2003
Software and computer services