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Business relocation and family immigration

The firm was able to assist him with:
1) Successful Tier 1 (Exceptional Talent) visa application that provided him with the necessary freedom and independence to set up a business, bring his family to the UK and also achieve settlement status in the UK in the shortest possible time, three years. It was important for the individual that he was not burdened by the strict requirements and limitations of other visa routes.
2)After establishing a UK company, the company needed to transfer employees from other offices worldwide and hire non-EEA national professionals. Our firm was able to apply for a sponsor licence for the company and help with visa applications for some employees so that they could work in the UK office.
3)Assisting the company with the conveyance when it took a commercial lease.
4) Assisting his family with the resident non-domiciled tax rules upon moving to England and estate planning.
5) Advising him on his matrimonial assets from an English legal perspective.

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18 November 2014
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