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A recently formed scale-up company in the UK generating high levels of revenue wanted to expand into the US. They had explored the market and started conducting business by sending their senior staff on the visa waiver program to the US. This had been ongoing for around a year before they decided to seek advice on invoices and payments they had started to receive from the US. It was at this point they realised that they were taking risks with compliance and conducting work in breach of the regulations in the US. We worked with our client to establish a company in the US and supporting them with the tax and legal structure to suit their needs. This also involved finding a solution to fast-track the transfer of their UK employees to the US.


Company details

18 October 2017
Oil and gas
We at Hiveage are in the process of establishing our EU presence with the UK as our headquarters. As the founder of a self-funded business, I always look for strategic advice and guidance that is timely and cost-effective and saves me the effort of doing exhaustive research about different countries and their laws. Centuro Global has been helping me in the process over the last several years as and when I need it so that I can proceed without worrying about the complications related to legal and compliance issues. The Centuro Connect online platform is simple and easy to use. Both the experts and the staff are friendly and knowledgeable in legal matters pertaining to many different countries—and they’re super easy to communicate with!
Lankitha Wimalarathna Founder & CEO Hiveage