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Let us show you that we are key for a UK Company

How we helped a large international company expand in the UK

This particular US based IT company came to us as they had plans to setup and expand in the UK. However, the directors were non resident and opening a bank was proving difficult. Without a bank account while not impossible it would be difficult for them to trade in the UK. We looked at various options and managed to help them open a bank account in the UK. They also required a lot more support in terms of Pensions, Insurances, Immigration again we were able to help them. Everything has been setup for the company and are expanding rapidly in the UK as well as looking into opportunities in Europe which we are again helping them.

Company details

03 January 2012
Software and computer services
Shash is great, he goes the extra mile to help us and we are based in USA. He has made our UK operations much easier. He is a delight to work with and would highly recommend him
KC Chohan Director of Finance