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UK family home purchase for British Expat

To assist expats purchase residential properties, a range of residential mortgages are available and can be arranged through a variety of lenders in the UK. These residential mortgages are for homes in the UK where you or your immediate family will live. The fact that you are based abroad will certainly impose certain restrictions with some lenders, however, if your partner and / or dependants are based in the UK and you will be purchasing a family home for their use, there may be mortgage solutions available to you. The lending decision will certainly depend on the country you are based in, how you are employed, who you are employed by and the currency you receive your income in. You may generally be required to put down a larger deposit than for other UK residents and, although a handful of lenders can consider providing you with a mortgage based on you putting down a 10% deposit, most require at least 20%; with more borrowing options opening up to you if you put down larger deposit.


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04 October 2012
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