TAQA Intelligent Safety communications collateral including leaflets and Safety Coaches' information.

Award-winning Intelligent Safety Change Management

TAQA’s Intelligent Safety programme introduced a new and fresh approach to safety which integrated a range of communications activities. The Fifth Business was brought in to work closely with TAQA to produce a communications strategy, which would build on the behavioural aspects of safety based on contemporary learning and psychological theories. The programme resonated with the audience and this was evident through interest expressed by a number of employees to become involved. Sixty employees, made up of staff and contractors, were recruited and trained to become Intelligent Safety Coaches, ambassadors who could champion the new safety behaviours. The safety programme was supported by further communications activities such as a dedicated intranet site, town halls, video series, leaflets, lift stickers and desk drops. The Fifth Business won multiple awards for this campaign, including an Institute of Internal Communications and a CIPR award.

The dedicated intranet site developed for TAQA employees to support the behavioural change campaign.

The measurement and metrics resulting from the successful Intelligent Safety campaign.

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Having worked offshore for eight years, Intelligent Safety is the light in the initiatives. I have attended a variety of different safety seminars and programmes, but the Intelligent programme is the one that really hit the mark for me. It doesn’t involve papering over the cracks – there’s real substance to it. As a coach, I’m keen to take what I have learned and adopt that knowledge into working life offshore.
Steven Schofield Engineering team, North Cormorant, TAQA