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Word-by-word translation is accessible now, but with Soar Productions we study into the subject before we translate. Soar Productions is a small group of passionate producers, from across the United Kingdom and Hong Kong. We understand new markets and are here to help you localise your contents for your target audience.

With EOS UK project, we first went through all the available translated research papers on cryptocurrency. Then after we translated all our webpages, we sent to a group of local users who comes from various educational backgrounds and different countries to give us feedback on the readability of the translation.

If you want to expand your market to South East Asia, why not talk to us today? Let us help your business take off!

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16 February 2018
Financial and professional services
Francis and team are helping us with our Chinese translations of content for our EOS UK website and on Chinese currency exchanges. They have done a brilliant job and are responsive and helpful, even suggesting solutions above and beyond the call of duty. As the owner of a business I just wish all my suppliers were as competent, professional and proactive as Soar Productions. Highly recommended.
Roger Davies Director EOS UK