Aplomb to the rescue! Urgent delivery of translations.The Commission for Africa was set up by Tony Blair in early 2004.

Commission for Africa, Urgent Translation by Aplomb

In 2004, Prime Minister, Tony Blair, established the Commission for Africa to find long-term solutions for Africa. The website was unsatisfactorily translated into French by another company and following a recommendation, Aplomb was called to the rescue. This we did, translating the Commission’s website to a tight schedule, completing translations as new content was being written and modifying them when consultations required updates.

Following the success of the website translation, the Commission entrusted us with the French translation of their final special report. Timing was tight and Aplomb completed an average of 7,000 words a day (including week-ends) for over a month to meet the deadline.The job involved complex cooperation with the in-house revision team and on-going incorporation of feedback. We delivered the translation section by section so the text could be typeset chapter by chapter. The translation was on time and to our client's complete satisfaction!


The Commission published its report “Our Common Interest” 2005. Recognising everyone would benefit from a strong Africa

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"The translation was delivered on time and to our complete satisfaction."
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