360 video filmed on location in Kenya being viewed via a VR headset

360 Film Production for Compassion

We produce interactive virtual reality (VR) and 360 films to help brands engage their audience.
Compassion has helped 2 million children worldwide find sponsorship. When people visit a Compassion project and see the life changing work Compassion do. the visitor is very likely to become a lifelong supporter!
But air fares are costly and not everyone can visit their projects: 360 video is the answer...

Filmed on location in Kenya this 360 film was designed to give viewers the experience of a Compassion project as if they had visited the project for themselves.

360 video is highly immersive. This video was developed to be used at multiple events, where users put on a headset to experience the film.

The client was delighted with this film - watch their testimonial on our website.

We film all over the world for our clients, adapting our model to fit a range of requirements and budgets

Company details

11 July 2012
Leisure and tourism
Liquid Productions were all over every aspect of this project; from helping us demonstrate the technology to sceptical directors, incredible detail in the pre-planning of the trip, and shooting such a complicated film in less than 4 days in Kenya! They went above and beyond in post-production, supplying an innovative editing approach to solidify the final script, and the project delivered from start to finish in less than two months! Thank you so much for your help in making this happen.
N. Harris Director Compassion UK