Thomson Reuters and Storm-7 Consulting Training Events (MENA) (2018)

AEOI (FATCA & CRS) (MENA) Compliance and Technology Events

The regulatory compliance and technology events in the MENA region will provide in-depth training on the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) and the OECD Common Reporting Standard (CRS) legal frameworks. The two day events are scheduled to take place in Malta (19th-20th February 2018), Bahrain (25th-26th February 2018), Saudi Arabia (7th-8th March, 2018), Dubai (11th-12th March 2018), Abu Dhabi (13th-14th March 2018), Lebanon (19th-20th March 2018), Qatar (26th-27th March 2018), Cyprus (2nd-3rd April 2018), and Kuwait (17th-18th April 2018). Each event will be led by Rodrigo Zepeda, the Co-Founder of Storm-7 Consulting, and an expert on the FATCA and the OECD CRS regulatory compliance frameworks. Pierre Arman, Market Development Lead, Thomson Reuters, United Arab Emirates (UAE), and Katherine Lee, Consultant FATCA and CRS, Thomson Reuters, UAE, will also be hosting two FATCA and the CRS technology sessions on each day of each event.

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