BroadenBase Ltd
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Business details

Business type
UK business registered in Companies House
Number of employees
1-10 employees
Core industry
Business and consumer services

BroadenBase Ltd

UK registered company – number SC660165

Registered office address:

64a Cumberland Street, Edinburgh, EH3 6RE

BroadenBase Ltd

Company description

Broaden Base offers 1-1 Bespoke Support to make your international project a reality. Our streamlined process allows you to DISCOVER what you need to enter a new market; CONNECT with key stakeholders, PREPARE for smooth integration, and finally GROW your International Base. Either you want to export your products directly to the customer or through an intermediary, or you are planning to have a physical presence by setting up an international branch; Broaden Base makes it possible, reducing overhead costs, time, effort, and stress.

We provide C-Suite and Directors with expert and dedicated support to create an effective strategic plan that allows them to expand to the UK Market while mitigating risks, avoiding losses, minimizing overhead costs, increasing ROI, and ultimately overtake the competition in International Markets.

The company was established in November 2020. After working with a customer on market research and strategic market entry, we understood that we needed to continue companies on their international expansion.

Our services allows companies to:
⭐ Have a better understanding of their readiness for expansion.
⭐ Have a clear strategy for international expansion to the UK facilitating the decision-making process.
⭐ Effectively manage and mitigate risks while minimizing overhead costs and avoiding losses.
⭐ Have a professional network backing their progress and success in the UK market.

Products and services

Business Analysis, Market Research, Feasibility Study, Business Networking, Project Management, International Business Agency

Business support
Planning consultants, Business relocation, Staff and family relocation, Facilities (such as WiFI or electricity)
Management consulting
Business development, Risk consultation, Strategy and long-term planning, Commercial and pricing strategy


United Kingdom
English, Spanish

BroadenBase Ltd case studies

Crypto Wallet from Peru to UK

Peruvian Crypto Wallet Company contacted us to support them in analyzing the chances of branching their company out to the UK to gain a competitive advantage and enjoy the benefits the UK has to offer