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Business details

Business type
UK business registered in Companies House


UK registered company – number OC414617

Registered office address:

293 Green Lanes, Palmers Green, N13 4XS


Company description

ADPL LLP tailored its services to each individual client whilst ensuring its high standards of professionalism, efficiency and expertise never change.
“In order for a company to become successful it has to put clients first; to understand their situation and provide a first class service tailored to their specific needs. This is because when a company can establish a one-to-one relationship with their clients and offer timely, individual advice on how to improve their business or personal finances and prove successful in doing so, they automatically start setting a mark for themselves.
“As such here at ADPL LLP our experienced team provides a wide range of accounting and business advisory services to companies and individuals across the UK. In addition to traditional bookkeeping and account work, we offer assistance in other areas such as business development, accounting Software solution, tax planning, and retirement strategies and much more.”
This client centred approach is in direct correlation with the firm’s overall mission.
“Our mission is to be in the top 100 accounting firms in the UK, and to achieve this, we are continuously implementing new systems and ways of improving efficiency and the quality of our work so that we can gain more clients.”

“ We have also recently improved our marketing strategies, which in turn has resulted in a linear growth in the quality of our client base .

Products and services

Company incorporation, Intellectual property
Opening bank accounts, Accounting and tax, Raising capital, Regulatory support, Mergers and acquisitions
Human resources
Payroll, Succession planning
Management consulting
Business development, Strategy and long-term planning


Business and consumer services, Clothing, footwear and fashion, Construction, Creative and media, Electronics and IT hardware, Financial and professional services, Food and drink, Giftware, jewellery and tableware, Household goods, furniture and furnishings, Leisure and tourism, Ports and logistics, Retail and luxury, Software and computer services, Textiles, interior textiles and carpets
London, South East
Cyprus, Poland, Turkey
English, Gujarati, Hindi, Italian, Swahili, Turkish, Urdu

ADPL LLP case studies

Helping International Construction Company Set Up in the UK

We helped an internationally known Construction company listed in Turkey to set up a fully owned subsidiary in the UK

Helping an International Marketing Company Set up in the UK

We helped an internationally known Digital Marketing SEO’s to set up a fully owned subsidiary in the UK.