Gardner Leader LLP
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Business type
UK business registered in Companies House

Gardner Leader LLP

UK registered company – number OC337143

Registered office address:

White Hart House, Market Place, Newbury, RG14 5BA

Gardner Leader LLP

Company description

Full service law firm based in the heart of the Thames Valley, the top location outside London for investment into the UK. We have proven expertise in helping clients investing in the UK for the first time or growing their existing business interest.

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Products and services

Company incorporation, Employment, Land use planning, Intellectual property, Data protection and information assurance
Opening bank accounts, Raising capital, Regulatory support, Mergers and acquisitions
Human resources
Staff management and progression, Staff onboarding, Salary benchmarking and employee benefits, Succession planning
Management consulting
Business development, Product safety regulation and compliance, Commercial and pricing strategy, Workforce development, Strategy and long-term planning, Risk consultation