Redfern Legal LLP
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Business details

Business type
UK business registered in Companies House
Number of employees
1-10 employees
Core industry
Legal services

Redfern Legal LLP

UK registered company – number OC326877

Registered office address:

7 Henrietta Street, Covent Garden, London, WC2E 8PS

Redfern Legal LLP

Company description

We specialise in helping overseas people and organisations to come to UK to set up and develop your business from a legal point of view. We want you to succeed. If you do, we think our value in the process will encourage you to want to use us again

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Products and services

Company incorporation, Company incorporation, Employment, Immigration, Intellectual property, Data protection and information assurance
Opening bank accounts, Insurance, Mergers and acquisitions
Human resources
Staff onboarding
Management consulting
Product safety regulation and compliance