ebl miller rosenfalck
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Business details

Business type
UK business registered in Companies House
Number of employees
11-50 employees
Core industry
Legal services

ebl miller rosenfalck

UK registered company – number OC301257

Registered office address:

27 Greville Street, London, EC1N 8TN

ebl miller rosenfalck

Company description

ebl miller rosenfalck is a European business law firm with in-depth knowledge of cross border issues. We assist support our clients doing business in the UK whether it is exporting goods or services to the UK or establishing a presence in the UK via a subsidiary, joint venture or an acquisition.

We offer guidance and advice on company set ups, corporate structures, commercial contracts, dispute resolution, intellectual property and employment and immigration law.

We have dedicated desks which each focus on a specific country; such as the Chinese desk, the Danish desk, the French desk, the German desk and the Italian desk.

Our lawyers are typically dually qualified or speak at least one of our desks languages so that we can advise our clients in their languages and with their cultural or legal references, minimize any misunderstanding and optimise communication to deliver on the client’s goals.

Products and services

Company Incorporation, Employment, Immigration, Intellectual Property, Data Protection and Information Assurance, Debt Collection, Dispute Resolution, Mergers and Acquisitions and Contracts

Company incorporation, Employment, Data protection and information assurance, Immigration, Intellectual property


Business and consumer services, Clothing, footwear and fashion, Construction, Creative and media, Financial and professional services, Food and drink, Leisure and tourism, Legal services, Renewable energy, Retail and luxury, Software and computer services
Canada, China, Denmark, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, United States
Cantonese, Danish, English, French, German, Italian, Mandarin, Norwegian, Swedish