Neustar Venture Ltd.
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Business details

Business type
UK business registered in Companies House
Number of employees
1-10 employees
Core industry
Financial and professional services

Neustar Venture Ltd.

UK registered company – number 09955961

Registered office address:

24 Pierson Road, Windsor, SL4 5RQ

Neustar Venture Ltd.

Company description

Neustar Venture is a professional Management consulting firm located in London & Windsor. We work with clients to start-up new businesses, overcome the toughest business challenges & problems, and to help identify and develop new opportunities for business growth in the UK and overseas markets both organically and or via a merger or acquisition route. We are unique because we give clients the most diverse range of top specialists’ business services under one roof which reduces management complexity, costs, risks and time to market. We will give you highly qualified & experienced innovation, financial and business consultants to work on your behalf to deliver the best results within the fields Strategy Consulting Innovation Consulting, Operations Consulting, Human Resource (HR) Consulting, Corporate Finance, and Accounting and Tax services. Our mission is to make your business more successful and to future proof it so new doors will open.

Products and services

Company incorporation, Employment, Intellectual property, Data protection and information assurance, Data protection and information assurance
Opening bank accounts, Accounting and tax, Insurance, Raising capital, Regulatory support, Mergers and acquisitions
Public relations, Branding, Social media, Public affairs, Advertising, Marketing
Human resources
Staff management and progression, Staff onboarding, Payroll, Salary benchmarking and employee benefits, Succession planning, Employment and talent research, Sourcing and hiring
Business support
Business relocation, Staff and family relocation, Staff and family relocation
Management consulting
Business development, Product safety regulation and compliance, Commercial and pricing strategy, Commercial and pricing strategy, Workforce development, Strategy and long-term planning, Risk consultation


Advanced manufacturing, Biotechnology and pharmaceuticals, Business and consumer services, Chemicals, Clothing, footwear and fashion, Creative and media, Education and training, Environment, Financial and professional services, Food and drink, Healthcare and medical, Household goods, furniture and furnishings, Life sciences, Leisure and tourism, Mechanical electrical and process engineering, Retail and luxury, Textiles, interior textiles and carpets