Projectfive Ltd.
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UK business registered in Companies House

Projectfive Ltd.

UK registered company – number 04674791

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St. George's House, Knoll Road, Camberley, GU15 3SY

Projectfive Ltd.

Company description

Projectfive’s unique culture, that puts people at the centre of everything we do, has created an inspiring and successful company that provides IT Support to over 250 businesses.

In an industry that’s over-populated with organisations aiming just to fix broken bits of IT equipment, our refreshing people-centric approach really stands out.

And, this approach contributes to the success of our family-run business. Everything we do, from employing local school-leavers, to helping business start-ups succeed means our firm continues to grow faster than our competitors and build a strong reputation in the industry.

Our technical engineers have a breadth and depth of knowledge that can't be rivaled by a single IT professional in-house. With an inspiring Leadership Culture, meticulous planning, lots of empowered and engaged employees, and some unique approaches, we continue to delight our customers year after year.

And, with that success, comes the capacity to give back to the local economy too. Fundraising for charities, creating an office from reclaimed local materials, and mentoring youngsters – this is something we're incredibly passionate about.

Products and services

Outsourced IT support, Windows 10, Cloud Computing, Cyber Security, Servers, Networks, Telephony, Helpdesk, Backup, Connectivity

Business support
Facilities (such as WiFI or electricity)