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Our supportive legal and regulatory framework creates high-growth industries that give businesses the greatest chance of success.


With over 17 billion GBP invested in the UK automotive industry between 2012 and 2017, the UK is one of the world’s most attractive destinations for foreign investment.

Healthcare and Life Sciences

The UK is the number one European destination for direct foreign investment in health and life sciences.


The UK’s technology industry is one of the largest in Western Europe.

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High-potential opportunities

Major scientific and technological breakthroughs are creating high-potential opportunities supported by local and central government.

5G and digitalisation at Adastral Park

5G and digitalisation will be worth £173 billion over the next 10 years. Position your company to exploit this opportunity.

5G and IoT in Industry 4.0 in Worcestershire

The UK government is prioritising the roll-out of 5G nationally to create a world-leading national communication network.

Aquaculture in Dorset

Aquaculture is forecast to be worth £173 billion globally by 2022. Find out about the huge investment opportunities in UK aquaculture.

Chemicals in Humberside

Fuelled by rapidly growing consumer industries around the world, the requirement for both basic and specialised chemical products is increasing fast.

Immersive Technology in North East England

The North East is the ideal location for your business to meet tomorrow’s technology demands today.

Immersive Visualisation and Gamification in Enterprise M3

Immersive applications are providing new opportunities across a variety of high-value sectors. Powered by 5G, immersive visualisation will provide seamless digital experiences.

Mining in Cornwall

There is increasing demand for the minerals and metals that will support our transition to clean energy. Discover how your company could tap into this growing opportunity.

New materials in Greater Manchester

The market for new materials is projected to exceed £30bn in just 4 years. Be part of the growing demand.

Precision Agriculture in the West Midlands

Agrifood startups received over £3bn in funding in the first half of 2017. See why agritech is getting major government support.

Rail infrastructure in Doncaster

£35 billion will be invested in UK rail over the next 15 years. Discover significant opportunities in supply chains and major rail projects.

Sensors for autonomous vehicles in Devon and Somerset

Be part of a potential £63 billion opportunity to revolutionise how people and goods are transported in the future.

Space and satellites at Space Park Leicester

The UK's space cluster is the largest in Europe. Get involved in this profitable multi-application industry.

Sustainable packaging in Greater Manchester

Global demand for sustainable packaging is forecast to deliver a return on investment above 7% by 2024. Tap into this growth opportunity.

Tissue regeneration and wound care in Leeds City Region

Find out about the commercial potential for new products and technology in this UK high-growth sector.

Video Games in Royal Leamington Spa and Warwickshire

Over 2.6 billion people play video games and the global audience is predicted to increase by 10 percent in 2021.

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