Research and development support for food and drink

The UK’s research infrastructure is sophisticated and well-developed, not only in academia but also in businesses with many having their own sophisticated UK research and development (R&D) operations.

The UK market is fully developed, has a population with a great interest in food and drink and a large research base dedicated to the sector.

To qualify for R&D support, an overseas company must have a limited business in the UK.

Research Institutes

Private sector food and drink Research Institutes such as Campden BRI and Leatherhead Food Research work with businesses to carry out research. They offer practical guidance and market insight as well as regulatory support.

List of R&D and Innovation: Research Centres and Universities. (link to new webpage)

Centres for food research

There are many centres for food research throughout the UK, with a large selection of specialisms.

Centres of Academic Excellence

Our Centres of Academic Excellence in food research provide a steady stream of highly able graduates from universities such as Sheffield Hallam, Lincolnshire, Reading and Nottingham.

Centres of Research Excellence

Green innovation

The food and drink sector is particularly strong in green innovation, such as plant-based food development and net zero manufacturing practices.

Support and funding opportunities

Research support and funding opportunities are available on the Innovate UK food knowledge transfer network (KTN) website.

Most funding schemes require your business to be registered in the UK and have a UK bank account.

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