Recruit expert talent for your food and drink business

As the UK has moved from bulk commodity supply to specialised and innovative products, the food manufacturing workforce has developed new skill sets and flexibility, adopting new working practices quickly and efficiently. 

Recruitment agencies

There are several recruitment agencies in the UK which specialise in food and drink. Find a list on the Foodmanjobs website.

Find hiring specialists on the Investment Support Directory.

Advertising roles

The UK’s food and drink trade media, such as The Grocer and Restaurant Online websites can be used to advertise roles.

Centres for food research

There are many centres for food research throughout the UK, with a large selection of specialisms.

Our Centres of Academic Excellence in food research provide a steady stream of highly able graduates, from universities such as Sheffield Hallam, Lincolnshire, Reading and Nottingham.

Next steps

You can search the UK Investment Support Directory to find recruitment specialists with experience in finding the right staff for your business in the UK.

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