Onward sales and exports for food and drink

Export from the UK

Once you have set up your business in the UK, you can access a range of support and advice whether you are looking to export for the first time or grow into new or existing markets.

Our online resource and step by step guide provides an overview of what you need to know to get started including:

Find out what you need to do as a food and drink business to work with the EU on GOV.UK.

Export to the UK

You can export your goods to the UK if you’re an overseas business.

Find out the UK rules and taxes that apply to your goods on GOV.UK.

Trade events

If you want to show your goods and make connections with retailers and distributors, there are several major food and drink events in the UK to visit or exhibit at. These include:


If you’re exporting raw materials and food from the UK, you’ll need to be aware of the UK’s regulatory framework for food and drink exports.

You can find out more about exporting food and drink on the UK’s Food Standards Agency website.

Free trade agreements

The UK has free trade agreements in place which can reduce restrictions on trade, making buying and selling easier and cheaper.

Trade agreements are made between two or more countries and set out the preferential rules for buying or selling goods or services between them.

Next steps

For more information you can search the UK Investment Support Directory to find specialists with experience in sales and exports from within the UK.

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