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Export from the UK

Once you have set up your tech business in the UK, you can access a range of support and advice whether you are looking to export for the first time or grow into new or existing markets.

Use our online resources and step by step guides on great.gov.uk to help you export from the UK .

Selling digital services or consultancy to the EU

For tech or other companies selling digital services to the EU, or transferring data, specific regulations now apply.

Find out more about selling services to the EU on GOV.UK

Free trade agreements

The UK has free trade agreements in place which can reduce restrictions on trade, making buying and selling easier and cheaper.

Trade agreements are made between two or more countries and set out the preferential rules for buying or selling goods or services between them.

Several of the agreements provide more opportunities for tech and digital service firms based in the UK to trade easily by ensuring the free flow of data, now or in the near future. Examples include the recently signed Singapore Digital Economy Agreement, the UK-Japan Digital Partnership and the upcoming UK-Australia Free Trade Agreement.

Next steps

For more information you can search the UK Investment Support Directory to find specialists with experience in sales and exports from within the UK.

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