Set up a new food and drink distribution centre

Food and Drink distribution centres are established throughout the UK. They are often situated near the intersections of the UK’s motorway network, with excellent access throughout the country to an extensive transport system.

Find a distribution centre in the UK

You may find that being next to a particular port, or an airport, or certain suppliers, might be important for your food and drink business.

If you’re looking to rent an industrial unit, a good place to start would be a commercial property search engine, such as Estates Gazette.


You can access a wide range of customs and tax benefits by expanding your business within a UK Freeport.

Freeports are special areas in the UK where different economic regulations apply and where you can access planning, infrastructure and innovation support from the UK government.

If you choose to set up your business within a freeport, they can save you time and money through a range of customs and tax benefits including:

  • increased capital allowances for investment in plant machinery, structures and buildings
  • business rates relief
  • employer National Insurance contributions relief
  • deferrals and exemptions from import duties

Freeports with particularly strong food and drink opportunities are:

Next steps

You can search the UK Investment Support Directory to find specialists with experience in helping businesses set up or expand in the UK.

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