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Opportunity UK Central Hub and HS2 Interchange

The Hub sits at the centre of the UK’s transportation network. It is unique in offering development opportunities that benefit from unrivalled connectivity.

With a redeveloped Birmingham International Station at its heart, The Hub will become Europe’s best connected destination for business, leisure and living. As a new and outstanding gateway to the UK, the Central Hub in Solihull offers opportunities for long term equity investors, large scale development funders and operational partners interested in infrastructure, energy, transport and large scale, mixed use development.

The 140 hectare (346 acre) development site, known as Arden Cross, will form a new, mixed use, sustainable urban quarter. This will create thousands of new jobs and homes, as well as leisure facilities and unrivalled connectivity.

The opportunity at The Hub is unlike any other in the UK. It benefits from a combination of factors that no other national proposal, either in place or planned, can compete with. It’s unmatched in terms of the scale of the development proposals, the infrastructure investment, the proximity to major conurbations and nine leading universities being in the vicinity.  

Additionally, Solihull boasts one of the strongest economies in the UK. It benefits from high levels of employment, above average incomes and access to a highly skilled workforce, comprising of an enviably youthful demographic.

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Map overlain with shapes showing the locations for new developments for the UK central hub in Birmingham


Solihull, West Midlands


Project promoter

Urban Growth Company on behalf of Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council (MBC)



£2+ billion GDV



Retail, Commercial, Residential


Investment type

Equity investor, large-scale development funder and operational partner


Planning status

Proposed within Solihull Draft Local Plan

Map showing the location of Solihull and the major transport links across the Midlands region

Project background

The UK Central Hub in Solihull is a 1,300 hectare (32,000 acre) area of land in Solihull, just off Junction 6 of the M42 motorway. It is home to Birmingham Airport, the National Exhibition Centre (NEC), Birmingham International Station, Birmingham Business Park, Jaguar Land Rover and the 140 hectare (346 acre) Arden Cross development site.

On behalf of Solihull Council, the Urban Growth Company’s (UGC) task is to maximise the opportunities associated The Hub. They will do this by aligning the growth plans of all the stakeholders and creating a unified framework for development, as well as leading and delivering major infrastructure investment.

The UGC’s Hub growth and infrastructure vision predicts that The Hub has the potential to support 70,000 jobs, 5,000 new homes, 650,000 square metres (7 million square feet) of commercial space and generate 6.2 billion GBP gross value added per year. With vastly improved connectivity, it also predicts bringing 1.3 million people to within a 45-minute commute of The Hub.

About the project

The UGC is delivering four key, strategic projects at The Hub to ensure it becomes Europe’s best connected destination for business, leisure and living.

The UGC is working with HS2 Ltd to deliver additional and improved infrastructure around the HS2 Interchange Station site. This will facilitate the creation of a new, sustainable, mixed use quarter at Arden Cross to deliver:

  • genuine economic growth
  • high value jobs
  • opportunities for local people

The redevelopment of Birmingham International Station on the West Coast Main Line by 2025 will create a fully integrated transport exchange. This will benefit from seamless connections between the HS2 Interchange Station, Birmingham Airport and the NEC.

The project promoter is working to ensure a future proofed supply of energy essential for the growth and decarbonisation plans of partners, including Jaguar Land Rover and Birmingham Airport, as well as development at Arden Cross.

Alongside new and improved public transport, the UGC is working with Solihull Council and Highways England to coordinate improvements to the local and strategic highway network.  It will bring together major stakeholders, like the Airport and the National Exhibition Centre (NEC), to make best use of over 40,000 existing car parking spaces across The Hub. This ensures that future provision factors in changing patterns of car use and ownership.

Promoters and partnerships

The project promoter, Urban Growth Company (UGC) on behalf of Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council (MBC), is working in partnership with Greater Birmingham and Solihull Local Enterprise Partnership and West Midlands Combined Authority.

The UGC is a local, special purpose delivery vehicle established and wholly owned by Solihull Council and supported by the West Midlands Combined Authority and Greater Birmingham & Solihull Local Enterprise Partnership. The UGC oversees and coordinates investment into the UK Central Hub.

Around 52 million GBP of public investment has been secured by UGC and Solihull Council over the past four years, out of a planned programme of almost 400 million GBP. This is in addition to investment by partners including HS2, Birmingham Airport, NEC, Birmingham Business Park, Highways England and Jaguar Land Rover.

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