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Opportunity MK:U - A new technology higher education institution from Cranfield University

A strategic investment opportunity requiring up to 200 million GBP of debt funding (or joint venture partner) for the creation of phase 1 of a new city centre University Quarter.

The development includes education facilities, student accommodation, a conference centre and hotel, and related educational facilities. The project is being led by Cranfield University under the MK:U undergraduate brand, focusing on the needs of the future economy and filling skills gaps in new technologies including AI, robotics and cyber security.

Contact the Capital Investment team for more details about this opportunity.

Artist's impression of MK:U building in parkland setting


Milton Keynes


Project promoter

Cranfield University (MK:U brand)



£375 million GDV



Research and development, Residential, Hotel


Investment type

Development / Debt funding of 200 million GBP (minimum investment 50 million GBP) or joint venture


Planning status

Site is allocated within the Local Plan for education use

Map showing Milton Keynes and its main transport links in Southern England

Project background

MK:U is a unique initiative, a new model university in the UK’s fastest-growing city, that will focus directly on the future needs of the economy, providing cross- disciplinary working in 3 faculties:

  • Business and Entrepreneurship
  • Design Thinking
  • Data and Digital Technologies
  • Engineering Innovation

This flagship project is strategically positioned, just half an hour by train from London and in the centre of Milton Keynes, a ‘Smart City’ at the centre of the Oxford-Cambridge Arc. The city’s success, and its aspiration to almost double in size to 500,000 people by 2050, has highlighted the need for an undergraduate university, as Milton Keynes is the largest urban area in the UK without its own residential university.

About the project

The 10 hectare (25 acre) city centre site for the project is ideally located between Milton Keynes Central railway station, the thriving employment area, and the retail and leisure core.

The project will be delivered over 15 years in 3 phases and ultimately supply courses to over 15,000 students and business delegates.

Debt funding or a joint venture investment partner is sought for phase 1 to provide a diverse range of accommodation totalling 61,000 square metres (657,000 square feet), including:

  • faculty/teaching/research/lab space
  • 1,000 student apartments
  • 100 bed conference hotel
  • independent retail and other related services

Promoters and partnerships

Cranfield University is the UK’s only specialist postgraduate university in technology and management, and partners with business, industry and government across the world.

MK:U is a wholly owned subsidiary of Cranfield University, working closely with its strategic partner Milton Keynes Council and the Milton Keynes Development Partnership (development company of Milton Keynes Council and land provider for MK:U).

Grant funding from UK government is applied for, whilst private companies such as Santander Bank have already invested (committed) 30 million GBP in to MK:U.

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