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Opportunity CoGen energy from waste facility Birmingham

CoGen is offering an opportunity for investment into the development of a 190 million GBP energy from waste facility in Birmingham. Using proven technology, the project benefits from a long-term contracted revenue stream and strong investment returns

CoGen will consider different investment types including equity investment, blended debt and equity, or co-investment. This project forms part of a strong development pipeline of energy from waste projects by CoGen, potentially leading to wider funding opportunities.

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Artist's impression of Cogen energy waste facility and surrounding railway area




Project promoter

CoGen Ltd



£190 million capex



Energy from waste


Investment type

Equity or combined debt and equity


Planning status

Full planning consent secured

Picture of railway station with energy facility in background

Project background

This project will develop and operate a 24 megawatt energy from waste facility in Birmingham. The facility will use proven technology convert waste to generate electricity.

Electricity generated by the facility will be sold into the UK electricity grid under a long-term power purchase agreement with a credible counterparty.

About the project

The project has been de-risked using only proven technology. The selected technology has successfully deployed in various operational energy from waste facilities around the world.

Project feedstock arrangements secured under a 15 year supply contract incorporating an agreed volume, specification and delivery schedule.

A development contractor has been selected to construct the facility, under a fixed-price and time-certain arrangement. The contractor will be providing appropriate construction guarantees.

CoGen has contracted with a facility operator to ensure the facility continues to perform to specification, with appropriate performance guarantees provided.

The project’s revenue stream will be underpinned by long-term contractual arrangements.

A grid connection agreement will be in place allowing for the export of the facility’s electricity generation at the required capacity.

CoGen has entered into an option for a 25 year lease of the facility site.

Full planning consent has been secured for the facility.

An independent technical feasibility assessment has been undertaken and confirms the project has been designed and scoped appropriately to attract the required level of investment.

Project promoter and partnerships

CoGen develops, constructs, manages and owns advanced conversion technology gasification projects utilising waste and biomass feedstocks.

The company currently has 4 energy from waste projects in operation in the UK, with a total capital expenditure of 250 million GBP and an export capacity of approximately 45 megawatts.

With a large pipeline of projects under development, the company aims to be recognised as a leading developer of energy from waste projects in Europe.

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