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Opportunity Carlton Forest energy from waste facility

With a capital requirement of 60 million GBP, this project provides an opportunity for investment in the development and operation of an energy from waste facility with diverse revenue streams and strong investment returns.

The developers will consider a variety of investor involvement to include combined debt and equity or co-investment. The project will be owned and operated under a special purpose vehicle to be set-up by the developers.

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Large machinery in a workshop


Worksop, Nottinghamshire


Project promoter

Carlton Forest Group LLP



£60 million capex



Energy from waste, Recycling


Investment type

Equity or combined debt and equity


Planning status

Full planning permission granted

Carlton Forest electricity pylons

Project background

The energy from waste facility will use proven technology to process and convert end-of-life tyres into steam-powered electricity generation, thermal heat production, and high-grade carbon black.

The project benefits from multiple revenue streams ultimately associated with the sales of the facility’s outputs.

Electricity generated by the facility will be sold into the UK electricity grid under a long-term contract.

The carbon black production, an essential ingredient used in the plastics and chemicals industries, will be sold into these core markets.

Thermal heat production will be sold to the developer for use in its core logistics business.

About the project

The project benefits from the following attractive characteristics:

  • Project feedstock arrangements secured under a fixed term supply contract incorporating an agreed volume, specification and delivery schedule.
  • A development contractor has been selected to construct and operate the facility. The contractor will be providing a construction and operation wrap.
  • The project has been de-risked using only proven technology.
  • The project’s diverse revenue streams all underpinned by long-term contractual arrangements.
  • A grid connection agreement is in place allowing for the export of the facility’s electricity generation at the required capacity.
  • Full planning consent is in place for the facility and associated processing facility.
  • An independent technical feasibility assessment of the project has been undertaken and confirms the project has been designed and scoped appropriately to attract the required level of investment.

Project promoter and partnerships

The Carlton Forest Group provide accredited supply chain services to companies nationwide which include tailored distribution, packing and logistics services.

The company’s mission is to continue to be innovative and diversify into the waste management, processing and recycling markets, which are closely linked to its current core business.

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