Video Games in Royal Leamington Spa and Warwickshire

Invest in UK Video Games

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Become a global player in gaming production

The UK is world-renowned for its excellence in the gaming industry. The £135 billion industry is booming and is set to be worth over £152 billion by 2023. From mobile to PC, console to VR and eSports, over 2.6 billion people play video games and the global audience is predicted to increase by 10 percent in 2021.

Base your business at the centre of the EU’s largest mobile games hub: Silicon Spa. Tap into a unique business environment of world-class developers and publishers, plus incentives such as the UK government’s video games tax relief. Join over 80 studios in Warwickshire, a cluster of internationally recognised studios producing thousands of quality games.

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The investment opportunity

  1. Tax relief

    The Video Games Tax Relief has provided £230 million to UK studios across 770 claims since the relief was launched in 2014.

  2. Future leaders

    With over 2,500 games specialists in the Silicon Spa cluster and a further 3,500 industry professionals based across the region, Royal Leamington Spa offers your business access to the most experienced and successful games creators in the UK. You will find a pipeline of specialist workers: 30,000 students studying gaming or computer science courses. There’s also an opportunity to partner with the Disruptive Media Learning Lab; a cross-university unit promoting collaboration within the industry.

  3. Set-up help

    Access dedicated support to help you get started from Invest Coventry and Warwickshire. Providing assistance to help you choose the right location for your business with access to data and the inside knowledge of talent hubs. Enjoy collaboration with local businesses and future partners in the EU’s largest games hub. Business growth programmes are also available to provide financial help and grants.

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Coventry and Warwickshire

Coventry and Warwickshire have the capabilities, skills, and assets to support you in creating quality, internationally recognised video game content.

  • Leading game development

    • More than 80 active games studios in Coventry and Warwickshire - the longest established video games centre in the UK.
    • Triple AAA talent working on renowned IP titles including: Forza, Sonic, Grid, Warhammer, Sniper and Tom Clancy titles.
    • TEDx Leamington Spa and Creative Mornings will connect your business with the latest developments and opportunities across the industry.
    • Digital Schoolhouse and Interactive Futures discover, grow and showcase new talent and foster the future leaders of the industry locally.
  • A vibrant hub of developers

    • Discover a vibrant community of passionate video game experts, with studios working on international titles for firms like Ubisoft, Sega and Xbox.
    • The cluster specialises in more than just console and PC games. Exciting opportunities to partner with mobile studios like Pixel Toys and BAFTA winning digital production agencies.
  • Strategically located

    • Cost effective salaries and low corporate tax rates.
    • Air access to Birmingham Airport (UK’s third largest international airport), with connections to 280 destinations.
    • 1 hour to London and 2 hours to Manchester by rail.
    • Road connecting you to the heart of the UK’s road network.

This opportunity is:

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    Cost competitive

    Costs of labour, industrial property and utilities are highly competitive in the UK.

  • gov_support.png

    Supported by government

    The UK’s visa system is investor friendly and the Department for International trade offers advice on skills, finance and more.

  • Local_support.png

    Supported locally

    Business networks and access to funding and academic institutions can help you get established and growing.

Who’s already here

  • Sega
  • lab42.png
  • ubisoft
  • pixel toys logo

Success snapshots

SEGA Hardlight

SEGA Hardlight

Famous for titles such as Sonic Dash and Sonic Forces, Sega Hardlight moved to Leamington Spa in 2014. Former studio head Harinder Sangha explains what they love about the cluster:

“We moved to Leamington Spa, and very quickly felt like part of a buzzing creative community. Being in the heart of town, we love that we can walk to anywhere in a short space of time. The beauty of Leamington not only comes from the beautiful buildings and greenery but the fantastic connectivity that is provided for businesses. We have been known to have three-way calls, consisting of colleagues in Tokyo and San Francisco, and us in Leamington Spa. (We actually have a better connection than our friends in Silicon Valley”

Lab 42

Lab 42

Based in Atlanta, Lab 42 is the parent company of six subsidiaries which span the entertainment spectrum. After a move to become more international, Lab42 opened in Leamington Spa.

“We wouldn’t be anywhere else” said Ed Blincoe, Managing Director. “When we were initially looking at expansion, we considered moving out of the town but quickly realised this is the best place to be for our staff and clients.

“There is a real sense of collaboration in the sector along with the natural sense of competition. In our experience, studios work together, outsource projects locally and help each other. This is why Leamington has become such a brilliant hub for the sector - there is a huge amount of skill and expertise here but also fantastic cooperation. We sometimes compete for staff, however we are all focused on growing the local pool of talent and want each other to thrive.”

Ubisoft Leamington

Ubisoft Leamington

With the largest in-house game development staff in the world, Ubisoft employs more than 14,000 team members in more than 40 studios around the world. In 2017 Ubisoft expanded its presence in the UK with the acquisition of FreeStyleGames from Activision, which is now Ubisoft in Leamington Spa. With a team of over 50 employees, the studio works in close collaboration with Ubisoft’s other UK-based studio – Ubisoft Reflections - on a range of AAA games.

Pixel Toys

Pixel Toys

Pixel Toys is a rapidly expanding mobile and PC games studio whose co-founders have over 30 years’ experience from within the games industry. “Warwickshire is a renowned hub for technology entertainment companies. We chose to start Pixel Toys here because it offers an excellent support network of businesses operating in the same space as well as local government support, and importantly for our employees it’s a great place to live. We wouldn’t have chosen anywhere else.” Andy Wafer (Director) Pixel Toys.