Tissue regeneration and wound care in Leeds City Region

Invest in UK tissue regeneration and wound care

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Solve big medical challenges

Ageing populations, an obesity crisis and chronic wounds associated with type 2 diabetes are driving the need for new ways to repair and regenerate tissue.

Leeds City Region, in centre of the UK, specialises in this field. It’s the ideal location to develop and market tissue regeneration and wound care technology, for the National Health Service (NHS) and beyond.

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The investment opportunity

  1. Regenerative medicine growth

    The UK cell and gene therapy market is expected to be worth 10 billion GBP by 2035. Businesses in the region are capitalising on this and other technologies, including stem cell research and advanced therapy medicinal products.

  2. Wound care, orthopaedics and dentistry

    Speeding up the repair and regeneration of chronic wounds, bones, oral and dental issues is an expanding market. Businesses specialising in these areas can access an opportunity worth around 60 billion GBP over the next five years.

  3. Tissue scaffold breakthroughs

    Tissue scaffolds support the formation of new tissue, a field Leeds City Region is expert in. Researchers here have produced a scaffold of decellularised human tissue. Support is available to help develop and commercialise new scaffolds and take a share of a global market worth over 10 billion GBP.

    Medical technology (medtech) revolution

    Digital health, software, diagnostics and medtech are converging. The UK government has earmarked 100 million GPB for medtech research to transform the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of chronic diseases by 2030.

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Leeds City Region - ideal for tissue regeneration and wound care

The region’s connectivity, wealth of talent and medtech networks make it a prime location for your business.

  • Medtech skills and talent
    • 6,000 people employed in the sector.
    • 115,000 people working in science, research, engineering and technology.
    • Over 29,000 students studying related subjects at some of the most respected institutions in the industry.
  • Well connected
    • Over 60 UK and international destinations from Leeds-Bradford Airport.
    • Under 2 hours to London with fast and frequent trains.
    • The Humber Ports is nearby. It handles nearly a quarter of England’s cargo.
  • Vibrant medtech base
    • UK’s largest cluster of medical device businesses outside of London.
    • Partner with world-leading organisations throughout the product life cycle.
    • Digital Health Enterprise Zone (DHEZ) provides business support and helps investors link up with academics, businesses and health professionals.

This opportunity is:

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    Cost competitive

    Costs of labour, industrial property and utilities are highly competitive in the UK.

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    Supported by government

    The UK’s visa system is investor friendly and the Department for International trade offers advice on skills, finance and more.

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    Supported locally

    Business networks and access to funding and academic institutions can help you get established and growing.

Leeds City Region, in the centre of the UK, is the largest regional economy outside of London. It offers specialist skills, clinical research and a strong network of professionals to support you through the life of your investment.

It’s an ideal location to shape the medical technology revolution.

Who’s already here

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  • Tissue Regenix Group logo

Success snapshots

DePuy Synthes

DePuy Synthes

DePuy Synthes, based in the Leeds City Region, is one of the largest orthopaedics companies in the world.

They forged a relationship with the University of Leeds that has continued for over 17 years. It has led to improved understanding of joint replacements for millions of patients worldwide and supported the work of over 50 doctoral researchers. Over 25 University of Leeds alumni graduates work at DePuy Synthes.



Io-Cyte develop biomaterials to support patients with chronic wounds that don’t heal. They formed in 2019 as an off shoot of Xiros, a medical textile specialist based in Leeds.

Io-Cyte uses new ways to incorporate drugs into highly absorbent fibres. Their dressings embedded with pvp-iodine are effective at killing wound bacteria. They also disrupt the biofilm that forms on the base of the wound. This means a cleansing effect continues between dressing changes.

The business is working hard to get this technology into clinical trials, through regulatory approval and to market.



Neotherix is a regenerative medicine business based at the Smith & Nephew Research Centre in York. It develops and commercialises bioresorbable scaffolds for tissue regeneration and repair.

Neotherix has partnered with IKC, WoundTec Health Technology and Medilink Yorkshire and Humber. They have a long history of working with Universities across the UK. They find this to be a valuable way of accessing cutting-edge research expertise not available in-house.

Tissue Regenix

Tissue Regenix

Tissue Regenix, created in partnership with Leeds University, is a leading medical devices company in regenerative medicine. Its 2017 revenues were 6 million GBP.

Their patented decellularisation technology removes DNA and other cellular material from animal and human soft tissue. This leaves an acellular tissue scaffold which is not rejected by the patient’s body that can be used to repair diseased or worn out body parts.