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Support clean growth ambitions

Minerals and metals will form a key part of our transition to clean energy, with an estimated 3 billion tons of minerals and metals needed to deploy wind, solar and geothermal power, as well as energy storage. Lithium, tin and tungsten are some of the key abundant minerals ready for exploration and extraction in Cornwall. The region’s unique geology yields critical minerals in abundance and, as recent exploration has proven, is the source of virtually unlimited geothermal energy.

Cornwall benefits from a strong endowment of metals, a long history of mining and with a supportive local and national Government, it is a prime location for the extraction of some of these vital technology metals.

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In the face of a global climate emergency, the way we power our world is changing.

From strong vast quantities of renewable energy to powering long-range electric vehicles high capacity battery technology is enabling a cleaner, greener future for us all.

UK government policy is helping to drive this forward, but without rare, critical metals like Lithium none of this can happen.

Today, global demand for those metals is rapidly outstripping supply. But the solution is right under our feet here in Cornwall.

There’s an abundance of high-grade lithium, tin, copper and tungsten ready to be mined here.

In one of the stable mining environments in the world where government and local communities understand the opportunities the sector can provide and is home to an unparalleled concentration of capability with over 100 mining services companies trading in every major mining province around the world.

Over 4,000 years of mining expertise the world-renowned Camborne School of Mines and an incredible high-tech metal opportunity have all converged to put Cornwall’s mining sector in the global spotlight once more.

It an exciting new chapter in our story and yours

Join us and explore a truly ground-breaking opportunity as Cornwall leads another industrial revolution.

The investment opportunity

  1. A future proof mineralised area

    Cornwall is a highly mineralised area with a unique geological make-up and has the potential to benefit from modern exploration. Investors will find an abundance of in-demand commodities such as lithium and tin. These commodities are critical in the production of batteries for electric vehicles, providing the opportunity for Cornwall to play an important part in delivering our clean growth ambitions.

  2. Rich industry with cultural legacy of mining

    The UK is the world’s centre for mining finance with many multinational mining companies calling the UK home. These include AngloAmerican, BHP, Glencore and Rio Tinto, all of whom are listed on the London Stock Exchange.

    In Cornwall specifically, over one hundred mining companies form the Cornwall Mining Alliance, a ready-made collaborative business network with a broad range of capabilities. Cornish mining businesses are supported by local residents and a community who understand the benefits and opportunities that the sector can provide, making Cornwall the perfect place to call home.

  3. Strong government support

    The UK has a vibrant industry network offering support and advice for companies operating in the UK mining industry. The Department for International Trade offers a range of services to all potential international investors thinking of investing in the UK, from facilitating business introductions to providing market insight.

    When established in the UK, DIT can help develop international partnerships and support your business through market access challenges and Business West’s Export for Growth service provides comprehensive business advice to help your company operate internationally.

Minerals found in Cornwall


Cornwall offers an integrated and growing supply chain and a skilled mining workforce, all at competitive costs.

  • World-class Talent

    • The Camborne School of Mines, part of the University of Exeter, is a leading combined mining school and geoscience department providing academic education and professional multidisciplinary training, ensuring a future pipeline of local new talent for your business.
    • With over 3000+ local students studying geology, physical geography and engineering and mining you always have access to the talent you need.
  • Logistics Networks

    • 7 strategically located ports in Cornwall, including the rail connected port of Fowey.
    • Airport links to international destinations.
    • Rail links to key export routes and supply chains.
    • Ultrafast connectivity with the world’s largest rural fibre broadband internet network.
  • Enterprise Zone with Financial Incentives

    • 3 Enterprise Zones (EZs) across Cornwall provide the best possible conditions to succeed.
    • EZs provide priority access to a variety of mixed spaces, from Grade A to large development areas with full planning permissions.
    • Financial support including Grant Aid, Enhanced Capital Allowances and Business Rate Support.
map of Cornwall for mining

This opportunity is:

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    Cost competitive

    Costs of labour, industrial property and utilities are highly competitive in the UK.

  • gov_support.png

    Supported by government

    The UK’s visa system is investor friendly and the Department for International trade offers advice on skills, finance and more.

  • Local_support.png

    Supported locally

    Business networks and access to funding and academic institutions can help you get established and growing.

Who’s already here

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Success snapshots

Cornwall Resources Ltd.

Cornwall Resources Ltd.

Cornwall Resources Limited’s Redmoor project at Kelly Bray is pushing the boundaries on mineral exploration in Cornwall. Actively exploring tin, tungsten and copper while fulfilling their “Zero Harm” strategy and not compromising on Health, Safety, the Environment, or the Community. Since a drilling program in 2017, Redmoor has found roughly 4.5Mt of 1% grade tin with work underway to expand this resource.

Cornish Lithium

Cornish Lithium

Cornish Lithium is using modern exploration techniques and digital technology to re-evaluate Cornwall’s mineral potential in light of the battery revolution. By exploring over 300km of brines and analysing historic data, Cornish Lithium is finding the most effective way to extract lithium and other vital technology minerals from geothermal brines.

British Lithium

British Lithium

British Lithium’s head office and metallurgical laboratory are based near St Austell, in Cornwall, UK. Following a significant lithium discovery in Cornwall, British Lithium is developing a sustainable integrated lithium quarry, beneficiation plant and refinery in the UK to produce 20,000 t of lithium hydroxide per year – enough to power 350,000 electric vehicles every year. This takes advantage of the UK’s expertise in automotive manufacturing and government support for electric vehicle supply chains in the UK.

British Lithium’s world-class technical and management teams bring together a great depth of expertise in grassroots exploration, resource evaluation, metallurgy, process, feasibility, permitting, environmental and social impact assessments, mine project financing, construction and operation.

Cornish Metals

Cornish Metals

Cornish Metals Inc. (TSX-V:CUSN, AIM:CUSN), is an Associate Company of Osisko, and is building a portfolio of strategic metals assets in the United Kingdom and North America. Their flagship project is the production of South Crofty underground tin mine in Cornwall, UK, with planning permission to construct a new surface process plant and water discharge permit in place. The project further benefits from numerous shafts preserved for future mining activity, a high-grade NI 43-101 mineral resource estimate, and a strongly supportive local community that has a long history of mining. Copper, tin and lithium are fundamental to growth in the technology sector, the transition to a low carbon economy and are used in key fast growing technological applications including batteries, robotics, solar power, 5G and cloud storage. In addition, Cornish Metals believes demand for ethically sourced tin will continue to increase, especially as countries look to transition to carbon neutral economies where domestic supply chains become more important.