High productivity food production

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Technology is transforming agriculture, the world’s oldest industry.

Rising food demand and declining land availability are driving innovation in farming techniques. Satellite imaging, remote sensing and precision farming are just some developments in agritech that are ripe for commercialisation across the sector.

Watch Jess Spencer outline the UK investment opportunities in high productivity food production.

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Something amazing is happening. The world’s oldest industry is working hand in hand with the newest. To cope with increasing demand for food and pressure on land, technology is revolutionising agriculture. By 2021 the global Agritech sector will be worth £217 billion. In the UK it’s already worth £14 billion and employs half a million people. And the most fertile ground is here in Telford. There’s a rich concentration of tech ready farmers, a 42,000 strong workforce, an established tech supply chain, and seed funding from the government worth £90 million in 2018. And there are universities, including the Agritech world leader - Harper Adams - famous for the world’s first hands free hectare. These institutions are turning out thousands of specialists ready to meet this incredible new challenge. It’s the perfect place for a company like yours to expand, and maybe check out my resume!

Reasons to invest in high productivity food production include:

  1. Exponential growth

    The global agritech sector is growing rapidly and set to be worth £217 billion by 2021

  2. Sector diversity

    Automotive and aerospace technology companies are diversifying into the sector, applying their expertise in satellites and GPS to precision agriculture, a sub-sector that will be worth £170 billion globally by 2050

  3. Huge potential

    Agrifood start-ups are attracting major backing, receiving £3.1 billion of funding in the first half of 2017

The West Midlands: The heart of the UK

The West Midlands, Telford and the surrounding area are a prime investment opportunity for companies wanting to invest in the agritech sector. The area offers:

  • An established infrastructure
    • the UK agritech industry is already worth £14 billion employing over 500,000 people
    • the sector is a world leader, developing technologies that enhance productivity and reduce the pressure on scarce resources
    • the agritech sector has major support from the UK government, receiving £90 million of investment in 2018 alone
  • An ideal location
    • the region has an agricultural workforce of over 42,000, with one in four educated to degree level
    • it also has a major concentration of end-user farmers
  • Skills and research
    • Harper Adams University in Shropshire is an award-winning world leader in agritech, pioneering schemes such as the world’s first Hands-Free Hectare project

These opportunities are enhanced by being:

  • Cost competitive

    • competitive labour costs
    • cost of industrial property
    • utilities costs
  • Supported by government

    • visas and migration
    • skills advice
    • financial advice
  • Supported locally

    • recruitment support
    • access to funding
    • access to academic institutions

Who’s here

Join companies who are already capitalising on the region’s rare opportunity.

  • Avara
  • Dairy Crest
  • Kuhn
  • MagGrow

Case studies

  • Agricultural Magnetics

    A rapidly growing SME, Agricultural Magnetics specialises in agricultural spraying using patented magnetic-based technology. Future developments for the company include a plan to collaborate with Harper Adams University to establish independent, university-directed studies and on-going research.

  • Dairy Crest

    Dairy Crest set up its innovation centre at Harper Adams University in 2015. With cutting-edge facilities, equipment and the expertise of the university and its students, the investment has led to a boost in sales for the company.

  • Kuhn

    Kuhn, the French supplier of farming machinery, has had a base in Telford for over 40 years. Benefitting from the opportunity in the area, the company expanded its team by 25% in 2017.