5G and IoT in Industry 4.0 in Worcestershire

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5G is the next generation of mobile communications technology.

The UK government is prioritising the roll-out of 5G nationally to create a world-leading national communication network. This is critical for the future success of our manufacturing industry which creates over £191 billion, or 10 percent of the total UK economic output annually.

Businesses need to capitalise on this new technology to ensure they are at the forefront of the development of innovative industry solutions.

Keep your business up to speed and join the 5G revolution in Worcestershire.

Image of 5G Tecnhology being used in Industry

The investment opportunity

  1. Packaged 5G testbed solution

    Worcestershire 5G (W5G) is leading the UK’s 5G testbed capabilities. A consortium of businesses and research institutions were chosen to specialise in the development of new communication technology applications across a number of sectors including Aerospace, Health, Construction, Defence, Security and Agri-tech. W5G offers a packaged testbed solution to these industries in the form of: 5G Core Services, 5G Laboratory Services and 5G Customer Site Testbed.

  2. A growth industry

    Advanced manufacturing and cyber security are targeted growth industries for the sector. These industries have generated efficiencies due to the availability of 5G as well as adopting new affiliated technology such as Augmented Reality, which has a large number of applications within the wider industry.

    The W5G consortium has shown that adoption of 5G services can provide a 2 percent increase in productivity for businesses.

  3. Industry collaboration

    The W5G consortium collaborates with world-class industry leading manufacturers, vendors, mobile network operators, systems integrators, academia and local government. W5G works closely with cyber security research centres and has a customer base of over 4,000 early adopting advanced engineering companies, capitalising on the innovation and expertise of the consortium.

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Worcestershire and the wider West Midlands is the ideal location to develop and commercialise 5G based manufacturing applications.

  • World-class talent

    • 5 leading universities in the area, including the University of Warwick, specialising in Physics, Engineering and Computer Science.
    • A pipeline of over 8,000 graduates in key-related subjects each year.
    • Over 16,000 people working in advanced technology in the region.
  • A business support ecosystem

    • Worcestershire Local Enterprise Partnership provides access to £84 million worth of growth funding from the UK government.
    • Betaden, Worcestershire’s Tech accelerator, offers a package and proof-of-concept grant worth a combined £65,000 as well as free co-working space and introductions to universities and businesses.
    • The UK Government provides support to help access markets across Europe.
  • Unrivalled location

    • Travel to London and Manchester in just over an hour.
    • Within an hour of Birmingham and Bristol International Airports.
    • Proximity to the UK’s 7 High Value Manufacturing Catapult Centres, providing opportunities for collaboration.
    • Worcestershire is a cost-efficient location for business; property and labour costs are as much as 20 percent lower than other European destinations.
Map of Worcester area with main transport links

This opportunity is:

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    Cost competitive

    Costs of labour, industrial property and utilities are highly competitive in the UK.

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    Supported by the Government

    The UK’s visa system is investor friendly and the Department for International trade offers advice on skills, finance and more.

  • Local_support.png

    Supported locally

    Business networks and access to funding and academic institutions can help you get established and growing.

Who’s already here

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Success snapshots

Worcester Bosch

Worcester Bosch

Worcester Bosch has been a partner and user of the 5G testbed. They used Bosch XDK sensors and 5G powers to take preventative measures to new levels. Sensors attached to machines monitored temperature, pressure, and vibrations in real-time and detected issues with performance before they became failures, identifying opportunities for improving productivity.

Worcester Bosch has continued to work with W5G to improve the functionality of automated guided vehicles in the factory to transport products and materials. Ongoing work includes the installation of collision detection sensors and new devices connected over the 5G Private Network to help ensure health and safety on the factory floor.

Yamazaki Mazak

Yamazaki Mazak

Yamazaki Mazak’s European Manufacturing plant, in Worcester UK, opened in June 1987 and was immediately recognised as the most advanced machine tool manufacturing plant in Europe. Serving European markets, over 80 percent of the machine tools built in Worcester are exported from the UK into Europe.

The W5G Consortium has worked with Yamazaki Mazak to aid in the development of Preventative Maintenance and Augmented Realist-Remote Expert. Both initiatives have provided innovative options for unmanned components of the manufacturing process, helping drive efficiencies within the company.