5G and digitalisation at Adastral Park

Invest in UK 5G and digitalisation

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Shape the digital future of the UK

The UK is a global leader in next generation telecommunications.

Pioneering facilities and an integrated supply chain. The roll-out of 5G and fibre broadband supported by government. These all make the UK an exceptional place to get a share of a 173 billion GBP opportunity.

Adastral Park in East Anglia, is home to over 100 international telecoms and tech businesses. It is the ideal base to get involved with the industry and expand your operations.

Image of 5G cellular communications tower for mobile phone and video data transmission.

The investment opportunity

  1. Cyber security urgency

    Keeping data safe is vital as communications evolve. The cost of data breaches is expected to exceed 6 trillion GBP globally by 2022. East Anglia has everything in place to support tech companies finding new solutions.

    5G satellite innovation

    BT at Adastral Park is working with partners to design, develop and market software and systems to integrate into 5G networks. This includes satellite-based secure communication technology.

    The infrastructure here helps businesses take advantage of the satellite revolution, an opportunity worth 203 billion GBP.

  2. Commitment to Artificial Intelligence (AI)

    AI is a key part of future telecoms infrastructure and projected to be worth 30 billion GBP by 2024. The UK government has committed to making the UK a global centre for AI and data-driven innovation.

  3. A quantum technology future

    Quantum technologies will be a 4.8 billion GBP market by 2023.

    A 315 million GBP government funded programme aims to help commercialise these technologies for communication systems. And, Adastral Park is part of the UK Quantum Communications Hub, working on taking proven concepts to market.

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East Anglia - ideal for 5G and digitalisation

East Anglia is cost competitive and well connected. Adastral Park offers unique technology and infrastructure capabilities for mobile, 5G and fixed telecoms.

  • A tech business hub
    • The park is home to 125 British and international businesses including BT, the UK’s largest telecoms company. This makes for an environment that encourages thought and innovation.
    • Close to the major markets of London and the Midlands.
    • Near Stansted Airport with flights to over 150 international destinations.
  • Opportunities to collaborate
    • Businesses partner with local and national universities that specialise in future digital communications.
    • Benefit from training, joint R&D projects and a network of communications hardware on site.
  • Valuable skills and research
    • Over 16,000 highly skilled tech specialists working in the East Anglia region.
    • Specialist tech courses provided by world-class research centres and academic institutions.
    • 1,725 students studying related subjects.

This opportunity is:

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    Cost competitive

    Costs of labour, industrial property and utilities are highly competitive in the UK.

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    Supported by government

    The UK’s visa system is investor friendly and the Department for International trade offers advice on skills, finance and more.

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    Supported locally

    Business networks and access to funding and academic institutions can help you get established and growing.

Adastral Park offers significant opportunities for companies that can design, develop and commercialise technologies for UK telecoms infrastructure including AI, software, cyber security, satellite and quantum.

Businesses entering the UK supply chain could capture a significant share of the global 5G market.

Who’s already here

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  • Nokia logo
  • TDS logo
  • Zellabox

Success snapshots



Nokia has an association with BT that started over 20 years ago. They work closely to design, deliver and operate networks and applications that power the UK fixed and mobile telecommunications and broadband infrastructure.

Nokia has grown its presence at Adastral Park. It helps them work more effectively with BT, improving quality and reducing development times. The next phase of collaboration is on preparing the UK for 5G services.

Tethered Drone Systems (TDS)

Tethered Drone Systems (TDS)

TDS joined the Innovation Martlesham catapult based at Adastral Park in 2018 as a start-up. It now leads the UK market in design, development and manufacture of tethered, unmanned aircraft systems that operate within the UK Civil Aviation Authority regulations.



Zellabox, which started in Australia, is partnering with BT to bring its rugged, secure and remotely managed micro data systems to Europe.

They have a UK manufacturing site in Cambridge and are also at Adastral Park. At the park they can strengthen their long relationship with BT and get active guidance from them. They also make the most of the innovation ecosystem, onsite support and community events.