How we help you invest capital in the UK

The UK government is uniquely placed to add value to the investment process through tailored insights, introductions and regulatory advice.

Making introductions

Build connections that strengthen your investments and expand your reach into global markets.

Providing local knowledge

Capitalise on our national, regional and local knowledge of the UK. Capture these insights to gain context and greater detail of specific projects and business environments.

Ensuring credibility

We work closely with project partners and investors. We ensure opportunities are credible and that investors are committed to long-term growth.

Advising on key considerations

We can help you navigate your investment journey by offering advice on project bidding, average investment timelines and expected returns.

Legal and regulatory advice

Leveraging our position at the heart of government, we can advise on regulations and policy to help you better manage and protect your investment.

Speak to us

The government is identifying new projects across the whole of the UK, including in London. Investors who are interested in our projects can find out more by contacting us.

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