About us

The Department for International Trade sits at the heart of the UK government. Our aim is to leverage the UK’s political stability and position as a global leader to help overseas businesses, investors and buyers successfully do business in the UK.

For businesses expanding to the UK

We help you in every aspect of expanding your business to the UK. Our wide range of digital tools and services are designed to help you save time and reduce cost.

For investors allocating capital in the UK

From family offices to sovereign wealth funds, we work with investors of all kinds to smooth the investment journey with tailored advice, insight and introductions.

For buyers importing from the UK

By showing you what the UK has to offer, we can help you find the right products and services for your business. We can also offer financial support and make it easier to understand import regulations.

How the Department for International Trade helps

How we help you expand your business to the UK

Find services that help overseas businesses expand their operations to the UK.

How we help you invest capital in the UK

Find out how we help investors deploy their capital in the UK.

How we help you buy from the UK

Find tools to help overseas buyers import goods from the UK.