With decades of experience in a competitive, highly regulated environment, UK companies are helping international governments and organisations with industry and climate challenges.

A smart water revolution

Using smart, data led modelling and analytics tools, UK firms are helping international utilities turn data into actions – improving customer service and efficiency.

Research excellence

The UK’s research institutes are known internationally for their work on freshwater ecology, flood risk management, treatment technologies and urban drainage.

A dynamic partner

The UK’s highly adaptable water sector is recognised internationally for its quality and leading professionals who can help with every stage of a project.

Artistic impression of a small harbour sail boats and a flat complex part of the completed Milford waterfront

Milford Waterfront

West Wales


UK water samples meet drinking water standards


litres of water supplied by the UK every day


UK water industry turnover


UK water research and innovation funding every year


UK universities researching water related topics

Tackling climate change

The UK’s water industry leads the infrastructure sector by committing to net zero carbon emissions by 2030.

The model to follow

The UK water industry delivers some of the cleanest water in the world, with efficiency and high customer satisfaction. Models developed by UK experts are being used all over the world.

Floods and water scarcity

The UK is a world leader in accurate risk assessment and data for flood management solutions. UK companies have created pioneering technology to identify water sources and cutting edge solutions for desalination and dam designs.

Balancing the world’s water needs

The UK offers leading expertise to manage the supply and usage of water. The UK’s largest agricultural and environmental advisers, ADAS, and the UK Met Office have developed an algorithm for local weather, soil type and other data that helps farmers water their crops more efficiently.

Next steps

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