The UK has a worldwide reputation for heritage, innovative design and craftmanship, and is home to world-renowned brands.

Home to internationally-renowned brands

The UK boasts brands like Paul Smith and Burberry, and e-commerce companies such as ASOS and Farfetch are based here.

London - a global fashion centre

The capital is a world-renowned city for retail investment and hosts one of the ‘Big Four’ fashion events, London Fashion Week.

At forefront of ecommerce boom

UK online sales as a total of all retailing increased to 18.6% in March 2019, increasing from 18.1% in February 2019.


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economic output of the retail sector


of the UK’s total GVA comes from retail


businesses in the UK retail sector in 2019


of all UK businesses are in retail


total of retail sales for 2018, excluding automotive fuel

Excelling in both tech innovation and heritage

The UK boasts a unique commercial profile as it pushes forward using the latest tech innovations like artificial intelligence in the retail experience, whilst continuing to invest in traditional crafts to produce bespoke quality products that are known world-wide.

Tech capability

The UK is a leader in retail tech and a hotbed for innovation. UK tech companies are using cross cutting technologies such as AI and data analytics along with immersive technologies to improve efficiencies, customer satisfaction and support.

Tech and consumer combination

Globally mobile retail companies need to be in markets where there are high spending consumers and an abundance of technologies. The key for such companies is how they can attract new customers, find and utilise new technologies and implement them. UK retail has all these ingredients, making it a great place for tech start-ups and financing.


The UK is internationally renowned for craftsmanship, creativity and quality - we make things that last. For example, Northampton is renowned for shoemaking and leather craftsmanship where famous names such as Trickers continue to thrive. And Harris Tweed is still woven in the Outer Hebrides by crofters in their own homes, using century-old methods.

Next steps

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