Real estate

The UK continues to be highly attractive for international real estate investment. In 2017, 14% of global commercial property investment transactions occurred in the UK, making it second only to the US.

High demand

Demographic and economic factors have supported the emergence of the build to rent sector

Strategic vision

Our housing delivery agency, Homes England, will help deliver 300,000 homes a year by mid-2020s.

Ease of entry

Rated by the World Bank as one of the most efficient permit processes in Europe

Row of houses on the tree lined street


people in the UK with growing retail, leisure, office and home needs


of planning applications successful across England


made available to Homes England over the next few years


of households will be private rented sector by 2025 according to PwC

A solid foundation

Real estate continues to be attractive to international investors, supported by the UK's growing population and its position as the largest venture capital and private equity market in Europe.


The UK needs to double the number of new homes built per year to keep up with population growth. Shortage of stock means that housing represents a major opportunity for large scale capital investment, including sub-sectors like private market sales, build to rent, student accommodation and senior living.


The £3.5 billion Private Rented Sector Housing Guarantee Scheme (PRS) and £1bn Build to Rent Fund have been made available through Government. These provide opportunities to take advantage of the UK’s strong build-to-rent sector, while household formation continues to outstrip house building.

Investor support

Homes England is the UK’s dedicated housing delivery agency, acting as a primary gateway into the housing market. Over £27bn will be made available to Homes England over the next few years, helping to unlock land, provide assistance and create ambitious private-public partnerships.

The real deal

International developer, Lendlease, were chosen to lead a 15-year redevelopment of the UK’s 2nd biggest city after being introduced through the Capital Investment team’s network.

Next steps

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