The UK’s railway industry is one the oldest and best in the world. We excel in all areas of the industry, from planning and design, procurement, specialist equipment supply, construction, test and commissioning to operations, maintenance and asset management.

Design and strategic advice

UK talent and expertise in planning, design and project delivery is recognised around the world for its excellence.

Clean rail technology

UK rail companies are at the forefront of developing digital and low carbon technologies to improve the performance of the railway for users, and to make it more environmentally friendly as we look towards the UK 2050 net zero target.

Specialist skills

UK firms have a wealth of experience running and equipping a cost-effective rail network in a competitive market, helping to deliver value across the whole lifecycle.

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Leeds railway station


decrease in CO2 emissions per passenger per km 2017 to 2018


railway stations in the UK in 2019


people employed in the UK railway sector


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A growing railway sector

The UK government is committed to UK railways staying at the forefront of global trends, building on the enterprise that invented and advanced rail travel throughout the world.

Talent and training

The UK is the world leading provider of skills training in the rail sector and is in a strong position to advise other organisations on developing their capabilities.

Innovation and research

The UK is at the centre of international innovation across the rail sector, supporting both domestic and global industries.

Confident supply chain

The UK’s highly competitive supply chain will become even more efficient and productive. Enhanced confidence will lead to more investment in skills, stock and capital equipment – with even fewer risks.

Next steps

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