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Home of oil and gas innovation

Last updated 09 January 2020

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Today’s oil and gas industry faces huge challenges. Price fluctuations effect planning and stability, reservoirs are harder to reach and environmental concerns call for cleaner processes.

The UK oil and gas industry is leading the way in meeting these challenges.

Advanced offshore oil production technology

Our technical knowledge allows us to maximise recovery from existing fields while continuing to open up new ones at greater depths, higher temperatures, and higher pressures.

Only through world-leading technologies and solutions is it possible to undertake such complex drilling and completion.

Innovations in remotely operated vehicles, high pressure/high temperature extraction and geophysical imaging have seen us become the second largest oil and gas producer in Europe.

Specialist engineering, products and services

The UK has one of the most innovative and dynamic supply chains in the world. With over 3,000 businesses, we have the very best products, services and knowledge base.

We excel in reservoirs, wells, facilities and marine. Our subsea technologies and solutions are used around the world.

There are an abundance of UK businesses who design and produce market-leading specialist materials for sealing systems, insulation, pipelines and joints.

Market-leading decommissioning capabilities

Decommissioning is an emerging and increasingly important activity in the UK.

We’re pioneering advances in technical, commercial and operational solutions to lower the cost of decommissioning while maintaining high safety and environmental standards.

As our capabilities grow, we’re pushing the limits of heavy lifting to remove the largest offshore steel and concrete platforms.

Sharing processes and technologies

Price instability has led the UK to develop initiatives to lower costs, improve performance and become more efficient by improving processes, standards, cultures and behaviours.

UK oil and gas businesses are sharing these new digital and collaborative technologies to help create a sustainable international oil and gas industry in a low-price environment.

To build capacity in other countries, UK businesses have set up training institutions in most international oil and gas hubs.

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