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Highly rated primary care

Highly rated primary care

Last updated 09 January 2020


Hospitals all over the world are experiencing higher demand. Primary care treats minor health problems close to home saving hospital services time for more serious cases, and improving outcomes for patients.

The National Health Service (NHS) has been built on primary care since its beginning in 1948, and 90% of patient interaction in the UK today is with primary care services.

As the NHS expands its primary care further, it offers decades of experience in prevention programmes and referral and rehabilitation from the hospital, and continues to expand and develop its primary care systems.

In addition to family doctors, primary care includes:

  • community nurses

  • physio and occupational therapy

  • mental health services

  • dental practices

  • community pharmacies

  • high street optometrists

Primary care services are fundamental to the NHS delivering innovative models of care including whole system and population-based integrated care.

Care typically includes:

  • the management of minor conditions (sprains, eye infections)

  • the diagnosis of serious ill health (cancer, heart disease, pneumonia)

  • treating long-term conditions (diabetes, high blood pressure)

The UK not only has one of the highest rated healthcare system in the world but also offers outstanding value for money for UK taxpayers and international businesses. Contact us for more information about UK primary care services and to discuss partnership opportunities.