The UK is a leading global FinTech hub, with extensive financial services experience, technological talent and progressive regulation.

Leading the way

With an increasing number of FinTech firms exporting globally from the UK, we continue to set global standards on the application of technology and innovation in financial services.

Government backing

As financial services is a key sector of the UK economy, the government continues to invest heavily to ensure that we are at the forefront of the FinTech revolution.

Best in the world

The UK has been independently assessed as the best place in the world for FinTech, with an international talent pool spanning all 4 nations of the kingdom.

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FinTech firms in the UK

estimated to double by 2030


of Europe's FinTech unicorns are based in the UK


people working in FinTech in the UK


invested in FinTech firms in 2019

A tech centre of excellence

The UK ranks within the top 10 countries in the world for consumer FinTech adoption, with 71% of people using FinTech products. This is more than in the US, France and Italy at 46%, 35% and 34% respectively. Leading regional hubs are located across the UK, in London, Edinburgh, Belfast, Leeds and Manchester. London has the biggest banking and FinTech sector in Europe.

Investment and innovation

The UK is Europe’s best destination for FinTech investment. Increasing collaboration between start-ups, scale-ups and leaders in the industry is another key feature of the market and is helping to create a complex and vibrant FinTech ecosystem.

Supportive regulation

The focus of UK government support for FinTech has been creating a positive regulatory environment. The UK has set the global benchmark for policy-led innovation, with key initiatives including the Financial Conduct Authority'’s regulatory sandbox, open banking and the AI Sector Deal.

An outstanding talent pool

The UK has a diverse pool of talented international and home-grown workforce. The 'Global Talent' visa is set to attract and fast-track the finest overseas digital tech talent. The UK's home-grown future tech talent pipeline includes initiatives in place to advance FinTech and STEM education in all levels of schooling.

At the forefront of FinTech

"The UK has emerged as the dominant force of technology-driven innovation. Together with the right regulation, policies and business environment, it has enabled Worldpay to grow from a UK start-up into a global market leader in FinTech worth over $35bn. FinTech has never been this exciting and by continuing to partner with the government, it will lead the way in creating global opportunities for UK consumers and businesses" Ron Kalifa, OBE - Executive Director & Board Member at Worldpay

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